Claire Gould

"The Glow Up Retreat truly accomplished what often feels impossible. It was both a safe space and a space for fun. A space for healing and a space for humor. A space for sharing and a space for personal reflection. A place for movement and a place for rest. A space for stillness and a space for dance. I had the most incredible time FULLY connecting with the womxn I had the honor of spending the weekend with. The retreat was truly a safe space in every sense of the term. We all felt seen and heard and supported. I know our bond will continue into the future. Cannot wait for the next one."

Carolyn Banner

"I HIGHLY recommend the Glow Up retreat for any womyn looking for a fun, rejuvenating weekend away that will also open you up in incredible ways you never could imagine. This retreat is like no other. Allison, Shirin and Chrissy work together seamlessly to foster a safe space to heal body and soul through inspiring workshops, thoughtful individual reflection exercises and deeply connecting group activities. It was the perfect mix of deep inner work, ridiculous fun, and structured and spontaneous opportunities to connect with the group and oneself, all in some of the most beautiful surroundings nature has to offer. I can't wait for the next retreat!"

2019 Attendee

"[The Glow Up] made me feel literally every feeling possible. I arrived excited, anxious, a little nervous, pumped. while I was there I was able to more fully explore what came up for me at every workshop and with every new interaction I had. I left feeling inspired, hopefully, ready for more, happy to have met everyone. And ready for the next one."

Erin Zimmerman

"This is for womxn who are looking for a retreat, not to get away from something, but come TO something. People who are looking to experience community and SOMETHING fully instead of just floating through the day. Someone who is up for adventure - but aren't sure what that means. Who seeks change - but isn't sure what THAT means. Who knows that they need some change in their life but can't quite pinpoint what it is."

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