The Glow Up Retreat

A one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive sleepaway camp with soul for women like you.

Friday, May 22 – Monday, May 25, 2020

Join Chrissy, Allison and Shirin for four days of self exploration and true sisterhood.  This is the all-inclusive sleepaway camp you dreamed of, but even better because there will be s’mores and spa treatments (pillow fights optional).

The Glow Up Retreat is not just about intensifying your own light. It’s also about helping all the women around you shine brighter. Together we can set the world aglow.

You’ll enter a sisterhood with women from many walks of life and forge friendships that will deepen and endure well beyond the three days you spend together. You’re in for an experience that will be equal parts enriching and a hell of a lot of fun!  

This is the “Me” time and “WE” time you’ve been craving

You want to refocus and gain clarity on your desires, direction, and purpose. And you want to support and be supported by other women who are ready to step forward, shining brightly, into the life you each envision.

You want a time out so you can put time in. And you deserve that.

This intimate three-day gathering offers presentations, breakout sessions, and guided activities designed to help you bring into focus the life you envision and give you concrete tools and action steps to:

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Expand your leadership practices to visualize and move toward new possibilities.
  • Infuse each day and each moment with a little magic.
  • Gain clarity and purpose on how you want to show up and be present, joyful, and abundant in your life.
  • Unapologetically live in alignment with your vision and values.
  • Create and nurture a supportive sisterhood.

You’ll have ample opportunity for self-exploration, and you’ll emerge with renewed intention, empowered to move forward on your path with joy, ease, and confidence.

Yes! I’m in!

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It’s time to start living with joy and abundance.

Life is jam-packed and moves fast. At home, in your business, in your community, online — you’re constantly hustling to keep up and keep going.

Responsibilities, demands, expectations. Adulting, as the kids say. That ish is exhausting! It’s easy to lose sight of what you want. It all feels so far out of reach with “life” in the way, and you can’t seem to carve out some time for yourself.

You miss your spark. Your light is dimmed. You long for renewal.

It’s time.

You deserve to slow down. You deserve to create what you crave. Permission granted.

Who even are you? Are you fully who you want to be? Are you living the life you envisioned? Where’s your magic? What’s your offering to the world?

It’s time to shift the focus back to you.

It’s time to step back — or dive in.

It’s time to reflect, recalibrate, and renew.

It’s time to move your body at the luxurious pace you seldom dare to savor.

It’s time to start living with joy and abundance, on your terms.

How does it feel to “Glow Up?”

To regain self-trust?

To fall head over heels in love with yourself?

To receive all the support you need?

To have unwavering confidence that everything you want will happen exactly when and how it’s supposed to?

To know your most audacious dreams and desires are coming to you?

Together you will unpack and explore all of these topics.

This is how you deserve to live every single day of your life — knowing that your dreams and desires are finding their way to you and that you have a strong sisterhood around you.

Who’s coming to the Glow Up Retreat?

We welcome women seeking deeper personal and professional fulfillment, healthy expansion, and greater life satisfaction.

Whether you are a woman exploring new paths, a professional on a quest to discover a more aligned career, or a wellness enthusiast who loves healthy living, The Glow Up Retreat is for you.

Where’s the Glow Up Retreat happening?

SunMountain Center
328 El Paso Boulevard
Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829


Located just an hour south of Denver and nestled in the foothills of the Front Range of the Southern Rocky Mountains, SunMountain Center is an ideal destination to refocus, reconnect, replenish, and reignite your light.

What’s included with registration?

  • Four days of transformative presentations, leadership and personal development breakout sessions, group fitness and outdoor workouts, and social activities
  • Access to walking and meditation trails, hot tubs
  • Complimentary two-hour mineral water soak at SunWater Spa
  • All-inclusive stay in a relaxing mountainside resort
  • An organic, gluten-free, vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ingredients sourced from the center’s on-site farm.

When is the Glow Up Retreat?

Memorial Day Weekend, 2020*
Friday, May 22 - Monday, May 25

*Plan to arrive on Friday afternoon (check-in is at 3:00 p.m.) and return home on Monday (check-out is at 11:00 a.m.).

See the full schedule 

How much does the Glow Up Retreat cost?

Your registration fee covers three days of lodging, all your on-site meals, a complimentary spa treatment and all the retreat programming (presentations, breakout sessions, workouts, and group activities).

Limited space, first come, first served:

Early Registration Price
through December 1:

Single (only two single rooms): $1,900 pay in full, or $2,000 Payment Plan ($600/$700/$700)

Double: $1,350 pay in full, or $1,450 Payment Plan ($500/$475/$475)

Quad: $1,200 pay in full, or $1,300 Payment Plan ($500/$400/$400)

Full Price
after December 1:

Single (only two single rooms): $2,100 pay in full, or $2,200 Payment Plan ($700/$750/$750)

Double: $1,550 pay in full, or $1650 Payment Plan ($550/$550/$550)

Quad: $1,400 pay in full, or $1,500 Payment Plan ($500/$500/$500)

Registration closes May 8, 2020.

Only 30 spots available!

Registration is closed.